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Issue 143

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Welcome to the GamesTM Index Project!
Posted on 28th August 2006

The idea for this project was born out of a desire to learn PHP, specifically after rooting around for a specific game review and having no clue as to what issue it had featured in! It started off as a basic review score database, but quickly expanded into me starting to index most of the content, including details on the magazine features and the Retro section. Although I've since decided that adding all this content was going to be too much of a mission, I've included all previews and reviews (with scores), and have scanned in most of the covers. I may flesh out the site at some point and carry on with the original plan to index most of the content, but for now, here we are. I hope some people find it useful.

1564 games indexed.
1571 previews indexed.
988 reviews indexed.